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Posted on March 12, 2014 · Posted in Blog

Based on acupuncture companies in Australia, our life is getting more polluted and corrupted. The unhealthy lifestyle and the lack of exercise contribute to our bodies weaknesses. Our increasing dependence in processed foods, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol addiction are killing us softly.  The quality of life is getting more artificial and synthetic, and these cause problems to our body and mind.

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Taking care of your physical, emotional and mental health is what we do best. In today’s modern life that is filled with stress, pressures and all the negative things about the physical world, we provide refuge to your tired body. South Perth Acupuncture provides relieve that can free your body and mind from physical and mental ailments.

If you are wondering what on earth acupuncture is, or fearing for your life about it, there’s nothing for you to worry about. This is a relatively safe way of healing our body’s infirmities. It originated in China thousands of years ago, and it is proven to recover from various kinds of ailments.

One of the most widely known types is called Chinese acupuncture. It is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and its aim is to promote equilibrium of our body’s natural energy flow called Qi (chee). This is done using extremely thin acupuncture needles that is safe to use and are pointed on specific points in the body called meridians.

Our expert acupuncturists are helpful in doing this. With their wide expertise, they can help your body release imbalances on your Qi caused by different diseases and outside factors that affect you. Psychological ailments such as stress, anxiety, and depression can be lessen and alleviated. With continuous session, the balance of the body’s energy flow will help you fight back these ailments.

Another method that is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine is cupping. Also originated from Chinese herbal experts thousands of years ago, it uses a different from of device to cure illnesses.

This unique method utilises a small cup that serves as suction over the body’s energy imbalance. Our therapists do this by swabbing cups with rubbing alcohol, then placing over the patients’ skin. There is nothing to worry about — this is safe and effective. Also, cupping has various benefits such as providing comforts for rheumatism, neck and back pains, anxiety and fatigue.

Japanese acupuncture is another type of healing regimen. Moxibustion and massage are the techniques frequently used in this technique, which is completely different from Chinese acupuncture’s usage of needles. This kind of regimen uses palpation, which examines the patient’s body using touch. It places importance on stimulation of reactive points in the body by gentle massage.

For people who are afraid of needles, or experiences irritability or uncomfortable reactions with traditional Chinese acupuncture, considering Japanese acupuncture is another effective and reliable way of getting relief. Relaxing acupuncture sessions mixed with traditional and modern ways can guide you on achieving peace, serenity and energy.

With all the demands of today, living our life without access to healthy options could affect our body. However, it doesn’t mean that you will let yourself be stressed with all the negativities of modern living.
Let South Perth Acupuncture help you heal your exhausted body and mind.